'Food Fantasy' Recipes Guide: Complete List of Dishes and Tips for Developing Them

Started playing “Food Fantasy,” but keep failing at recipe development? Check out our complete guide to every Food Fantasy recipe, plus tips for how to develop them successfully, here.

The maker’s of Love Nikki Dress Up Queen dropped a new mobile restaurant management game, Food Fantasy, which combines a number of different activities, from turn-based RPG battles to recipe development and more. There’s a ton to do in the game and once you’ve spent a little time with it, you’ll realize an important step in improving your restaurant’s status is to continually develop new and more tantalizing recipes for customers to enjoy. Figuring out which recipes to develop first, or why your development efforts keep failing can be tricky to understand at first. For that reason, we’ve put together a guide to every recipe in the game so far, for the Light Kingdom, and will soon be adding Sakurajima and Gloriville regions, as well as the Lost Recipe list. We’ve also included some tips for ensuring most successful recipe development.

Food Fantasy Recipes Guide and Tips: Every Recipe and How To Develop Them Successfully

food, fantasy, recipes, guide, develop, recipe, complete, list, every, dish, how, to make, ingredients The recipes you’ll make first in Food Fantasy will depend on the food region you select. ELEX

When you first start Food Fantasy, you’ll be taken through a tutorial that allows you to choose which type of food you want to learn to develop first. These food come from one of three regions: The Light Kingdom, Sakurajima or Gloriville. As you work through various stage battles, you’ll win ingredients used to develop recipes. The recipes you’ll be able to develop initially will depend upon the area of you chose during the tutorial. If you chose Sakurajima, for instance, the first recipe you’ll learn is the Baked Potato. Meanwhile, starting out in the Gloriville will make French Fries your opening recipe.

How To Unlock Recipes From Other Regions

In order to begin working on food from other regions, you must first learn every recipe from your own region. This means, if your goal is to learn Beef Tartare (from the Sakurajima region), but you started out in the Light Kingdom, you’ll need to learn all your Light Kingdom recipes first.

How To Successfully Develop Recipes From Your Region

food, fantasy, recipes, guide, develop, recipe, complete, list, every, dish, how, to make, ingredients Many of the recipe descriptions give hints about how to create them in Food Fantasy ELEX

To find out which recipes you need to develop first, you can check out our complete list located at the bottom of the article, along with their ingredients. Inside the game, however, you can keep track of recipes you’ve unlocked and ones you still need to work on by going to your Restaurant, tapping on Research and then Develop. Once in the Develop tab, tap on the Recipes tab in the upper left-hand corner. There, you’ll see a list of about 30 recipes. Recipes that are greyed out are those you haven’t completed yet. We recommend going through the list from top to bottom and completing recipe development in order, as the necessary ingredients become more complex or require completing higher level stage battles to acquire the correct materials. Many of the early recipes are pretty simple, as the description tends to reveal the ingredients included.

How to Get More Ingredients for Recipes

Once you have completed a stage battle with three Stars, you can auto-replay it to acquire needed resources. In the recipe list, we’ve also included which stages to obtain needed materials as well.

How To Improve Recipes

Recipes have several different stats such as aroma, flavor and texture that can be improved. You can do this by going into the Improve tab under the Develop menu. There are a couple different ways of improving a recipe, either by making it multiple times or adding spices. Spices won’t be obtained till much later in the game, so if you are a beginner, don’t worry about them for now.

Food Fantasy Recipes: Complete Guide To Light Kingdom Recipes

  • Recipe #1: Stir-Fried Potatoes
    • Ingredients Needed: 1 Potato (Stage 1-3)
  • Recipe #2: Braised Pork
    • Ingredients Needed: 1 Pork Belly (Stage 1-6)
  • Recipe #3: Braised Eggplant
    • Ingredients Needed: 1 Eggplant (Stage 2-7)
  • Recipe #4: Sauteed Lettuce
    • Ingredients Needed: 1 Lettuce (Stage 3-1)
  • Recipe #5: Carrot Bread
    • Ingredients Needed: 1 Carrot (Stage 3-1), 1 Bread (Stage 4 – 4)
  • Recipe #6: Cucumber Egg Stir-Fry
    • Ingredients Needed: 1 Cucumber (Stage 2-2, 2-7, 2-8), 1 Egg (Stage 5-2)
  • Recipe #7: Black Pepper Beef
    • Ingredients Needed: 1 Beef Tenderloin (Stage 5-6), 1 Green Pepper (Stage 6-6)
  • Recipe #8: Sauteed Mushrooms
    • Ingredients Needed: 1 Shiitake (Stage 6-8), Mushroom (Stage 7-3)
  • Recipe #9: Egg Fried Rice
    • Ingredients Needed: 1 Egg (Stage 5-2), 1 Rice (Stage 8-2)
  • Recipe #10: Salmon Fried Rice
    • Ingredients Needed: 1 Salmon (Stage 4-2), 1 Rice (Stage 8-2). 1 Onion (Stage 9-5)
  • Recipe #11: Onion Fried Rice
    • Ingredients Needed: 1 Rice (Stage 8-2), 1 Pork Loin (Stage 9-2), 1 Onion (Stage 9-5)
  • Recipe #12: Bacon Fried Rice
    • Ingredients Needed: 1 Carrot (Stage 3-1), 1 Rice (Stage 8-2), 1 Bacon (Stage 10-3)
  • Recipe #13: Braised Octopus
    • Ingredients Needed: 1 Green Pepper (Stage 6-6), 1 Octopus (Stage 11-4)
  • Recipe #14: Risotto
    • Ingredients Needed: 1 Cheese (Stage 6-2), 1 Rice (Stage 8-2), 1 Cream (Stage 11-7)
  • Recipe #15: Butter Bread
    • Ingredients Needed: 1 Egg (Stage 5-2), 1 Butter (Stage 7-8), 1 Flour (Stage 12-2)
  • Recipe #16: Emerald Roll
    • Ingredients Needed: 1 Cabbage (Stage 13-5), 1 Spinach (Stage 13-6)
  • Recipe #17: Corn Pie
    • Ingredients Needed: 1 Corn (Stage 11-5), 1 Starch (Stage 13-9)
  • Recipe #18: Toffee Apple
    • Ingredients Needed: 1 Starch (Stage 13-9), 1 Apple (Stage 15-1)
  • Recipe #19: Pineapple Fried Rice
    • Ingredients Needed: 1 Rice (Stage 8-2), 1 Pineapple (Stage 14-3)
  • Recipe #20: Chicken Soup
    • Ingredients Needed: 1 Shiitake (Stage 6-8), 1 Whole Chicken (Stage 16-6)
  • Recipe #21: Mango Pudding
    • Ingredients Needed: 1 Egg (Stage 5-2), 1 Milk (Stage 12-5), 1 Mango (Stage 17-3)
  • Recipe #22: Strawberry Ice Cream
    • Ingredients Needed: 1 Cream (Stage 11-7), 1 Milk (Stage 12-5), 1 Strawberry (Stage 18-2)
  • Recipe #23: Red Bean Pudding
    • Ingredients Needed: 1 MIlk (Stage 12-5), 1 Red Beans (19-5)
  • Recipe #24: Kung Pao Chicken
    • Ingredients Needed: 1 Diced Chicken (Stage 16-5), 1 Peanut (Stage 19-3)
  • Recipe #25: Pumpkin Pie
    • Ingredients Needed: 1 Honey (Stage 14-6), 1 Pumpkin (Stage 20-5), 1 Rice Flour (Stage 20-7)
  • Recipe #26: Sweet Yam Buns
    • Ingredients Needed: 1 Egg (Stage 5-2), 1 Flour (Stage 12-2), Purple Yam (Stage 21-3)
  • Recipe #27: Steamed Cod
    • Ingredients Needed: 1 Tofu (Stage 10-6), 1 Cod (Stage 22-2)
  • Recipe #28: Steamed Unagi
    • Ingredients Needed: 1 Shiitake (Stage 6-8), 1 Eeel (Stage 22-5)
  • Recipe #29: Garlic Lobster
    • Ingredients Needed: 1 Rock Lobster (Stage 23-5)
  • Recipe #30: Crab Hotpot
    • Ingredients Needed: 1 Shiitake (Stage 6-8), 1 Tofu (Stage 10-6), 1 King Crab (Stage 24-2)

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