'Food Fantasy' Sakurajima Recipes: Every Recipe from Tamagoyaki to Beef Tartare

Does a “Food Fantasy” recipe have you stumped? Check out our guide to every Sakurajima recipe including Tamagoyaki and Beef Tartare.

Developing delicious recipes for customers is an important part of improving your restaurant in Food Fantasy, but sometimes figuring out the ingredients for a particular recipe can be tricky. Below we’ve put together a list of every Food Fantasy recipe for the Sakurajima region. These include difficult recipes like Beef Tartare and Tamagoyaki. If you are looking for a recipe from another region, you can check out all our Food Fantasy guides, here.

‘Food Fantasy’ Sakurajima Recipes: Every Recipe from Tamagoyaki to Beef Tartare

Food, fantasy, recipes, beef, tartare, tamagoyaki, how, to, make, develop, recipe, Sakurajima, guide, mobile, rpg, game, restaurant Here’s every Sakurajima Recipe from Tamagoyaki to Beef Tartare ELEX

  • Recipe #1: Baked Potato
    • Ingredients Needed: one Potato (Stage 1-3)
  • Recipe #2: Grilled Pork Belly
    • Ingredients Needed: one Pork Belly (Stage 1-6)
  • Recipe #3: Cucumber Salad
    • Ingredients Needed: one Cucumber (Stage 2-2)
  • Recipe #4: Boiled Lettuce
    • Ingredients Needed: one Lettuce (Stage 3-1)
  • Recipe #5: Mushroom Yaki
    • Ingredients Needed: one Mushroom (Stage 7-3), one Butter (Stage 7-8)
  • Recipe #6: Beef Tartare
    • Ingredients Needed: one Egg  (Stage 5-3), one Beef Tenderloin (Stage 5-6)
  • Recipe #7: Tamagoyaki
    • Ingredients Needed: one Carrot (Stage 3-1), one Egg (Stage 5-2), one Shiitake (Stage 6-8)
  • Recipe #8: Omurice
    • Ingredients Needed: Egg (Stage 5-2), Rice (Stage 8-2)
  • Recipe #9: Shogayki
    • Ingredients Needed: one Pork Loin(Stage 9-2), one Onion (Stage 9-5)
  • Recipe #10: Bacon Bites
    • Ingredients Needed: one Bread (Stage 4-4), one Cheese (Stage 6-2). one Bacon (Stage 10-3)
  • Recipe #11: Cold Tofu
    • Ingredients Needed: one Tofu (Stage 10-6)
  • Recipe #12: Grilled Corn
    • Ingredients Needed: one Corn(Stage 11-2), one Cream (Stage 11-7),
  • Recipe #13: Vegetable Tempura
    • Ingredients Needed: one Eggplant (Stage 2-7), one Shiitake(Stage 6-8), Flour (Stage 12-2)
  • Recipe #14: Takoyaki
    • Ingredients Needed: one Octopus (Stage 11-4), one Flour (Stage 12-2), one Cabbage (Stage 3-5)
  • Recipe #15: Creamed Spinach
    • Ingredients Needed: one Cream (Stage 11-7), one Spinach (Stage 13-6)
  • Recipe #16: Apples and Cream
    • Ingredients Needed: one Cream (Stage 11-7), one Apple (Stage 15-1)
  • Recipe #17: Chicken Skewer
    • Ingredients Needed: one Green Pepper (Stage 6-6), one Diced Chicken (Stage 16-5)
  • Recipe #18: Fried Chicken
    • Ingredients Needed: one Egg (Stage 5-2), one Flour (Stage 12-2), Whole Chicken (Stage 16-6)
  • Recipe #19: Mango Smoothie
    • Ingredients Needed: one Cream (Stage 11-7), one Mango (Stage 17-3)
  • Recipe #20: Strawberry Smoothie
    • Ingredients Needed: one Cream (Stage 11-7), one Milk (Stage 12-5), one Strawberry (Stage 18-2)
  • Recipe #21: Peanut Butter Crisp
    • Ingredients Needed: one Milk (Stage 12-5), one Flour (Stage 12-2), one Peanut (Stage 19-3)
  • Recipe #22: Cod Fillet
    • Ingredients Needed: one Butter (Stage 7-8), one Starch (Stage 13-9), one Cod (Stage 22-2)
  • Recipe #23: Piglet Daifuku
    • Ingredients Needed: one Egg (Stage 5-2), one Flour (12-2), one Red Beans (Stage 19-5)
  • Recipe #24: Pumpkin Muffin
    • Ingredients Needed: one Honey (Stage 14-6), one Red Beans (Stage 19-5), one Pumpkin (Stage 20-5)
  • Recipe #25: Yam Dumplings
    • Ingredients Needed: one Rice Flour (Stage 20-7), one Purple Yam (Stage 21-3)
  • Recipe #26: Unagi Don
    • Ingredients Needed: one Rice (Stage 8-2), one Eel(Stage 22-5)
  • Recipe #27: Lobster Sashimi
    • Ingredients Needed: one Rock Lobster (Stage 23-5)
  • Recipe #28: Crab Sashimi
    • Ingredients Needed: one King Crab (Stage 24-2)

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