25 X-Men That Should Be Impossible To Cosplay (But Fans Somehow Still Pulled Off)

25 X-Men That Should Be Impossible To Cosplay (But Fans Somehow Still Pulled Off)

Cosplay has become an integral part of any sort of convention. If you find yourself at a Comic-Con, or any other con for that matter, you’re most likely going to see people suited up as their favorite characters. A popular choice among cosplayers is showing up as members of the X-Men, but with so many characters and such a rich backstory, how could anyone ever possibly do an X-Men cosplay exactly right? Well, there are definitely people out there who know how to do it, and they make it look easy, even though their costumes obviously took a lot of hard work.

At least when cosplaying as X-Men, there are a lot of characters to choose from. Some of them might take less effort than the others, especially if you decide to go as Wolverine in casual clothes or something simple. However, sometimes you see people who seem to go above and beyond to pull off their work. Being an X-Man isn’t easy, and cosplaying as one isn’t necessarily that easy either. However, as you can see here, the payoff is completely worth the hard work and effort that goes into making one of these cosplays. Sure, it would be easy if you had telekinesis, super strength, or even time travel abilities (after all, who doesn’t want more time to get things done?), but these folks make these amazing costumes with no powers at all, and that’s really something to marvel at. These are 25 amazing X-Men cosplays that seem like they should be impossible, but fans made them real.


Beast cosplay

Trying to cosplay as Dr. Hank McCoy, aka Beast aka the big blue furry guy in the underwear, might pose a challenge to some, but for some cosplayers, the challenge is an opportunity. Here, you have an excellent Beast cosplay (by cosplayer E’Toro Bolados, photo by Elkhan Art Photography).

There are so many elements to this cosplay that make it great: the X-Men jacket, the blue fur, the claws. On top of all that, You have the classic Beast attitude, bearing the fangs and ready for battle.


Apocalypse cosplay

If there’s one truly epic character that it would be a challenge to cosplay, it would have to be Apocalypse, the most powerful and oldest mutant in the world. This cosplay, done by the Cinema Makeup School and photographed by Trevor Toma, manages to capture the absolute power of Apocalypse in a single image.

This cosplay gets right everything that X-Men: Apocalypse seemed to get wrong about the character. He should be big, brooding, and have an absolute contempt for humanity. The red eyes are a very nice addition to this costume.


Iceman cosplay

Bobby Drake, also known as Iceman, is more than just a cool character (sorry) — he’s also one of the original X-Men. Iceman has stuck around in the popular consciousness because he’s just such a cool mutant, a man who can turn his body to ice and slip around on icy pathways that shoot from his hands.

This Iceman cosplay, done by Flash Fletch Cosplay and photographed by Kendall Whitehouse is a great, fresh take on the superhero. Here, Iceman seems caught somewhere between being Iced up and being a regular human, giving him more of a frosty look than usual.


Wolverine cosplay

What’s a convention without seeing at least one Wolverine? These days, there are plenty of different versions of the character to choose from: you can go with his movie look in the black leather, or his movie look in the leather jacket, or his move look in a white tank top, chomping a cigar… basically there are a lot of Wolverine looks from the films.

However, if there’s one Wolverine costume we can all remember and appreciate, it has to be his yellow spandex from the animated series and the comics. Here, cosplayer Jonathon Carroll captures the look perfectly in a photo by David Ngo.


Mystique cosplay

Ever since the beginning of the X-Men film series, Mystique has been a popular and identifiable character. However, before she was famously portrayed by Rebecca Romijn, she appeared in the comics and the animated series, usually sporting a stylish white dress (rather than, you know, nothing).

This Mystique cosplay by Yukilefay captures all of the elements of the mutant’s classic look: the white dress, the skull belt, and even the opaque yellow eyes. This classic look is one that most people don’t really recall since the release of the films, but it’s one that is just as important to X-Men history.


Nightcrawler cosplay

Nightcrawler is another one of the most popular X-Men out there, and probably a difficult one to do a good cosplay for. However, that doesn’t mean that some cosplayers out there haven’t taken a stab at it, and some of them end up doing a great job.

Take this unidentified cosplayer here, whose Nightcrawler costume is pretty comic accurate. It even includes his classic red and black spandex outfit. Another nice touch is the addition of Nightcrawler’s fangs and yellow eyes. Although, the final great touch is the pointy ears.


Psylocke cosplay

Psylocke is a powerful mutant, and is one of the few X-Men characters to fall on the good and evil sides at varying times. She is complex and has jumped around into other storylines in the Marvel comics as well, always returning back to her X-Men roots, though.

This cosplay of Psylocke by Stella Chuu (photographed by Elysiam Entertainment) is almost entirely accurate to the character’s looks in the comics, and it even echoes the outfit worn by Olivia Munn playing the character in X-Men: Apocalypse.


Kitty Pryde cosplay

If you’re going to do a Kitty Pryde cosplay, then you better get it right. There have been plenty of them around and many of them including her pet alien dragon, Lockheed. However, one thing it’s hard to simulate with a Kitty Pryde cosplay is her ability to walk through walls.

That problem was handily averted by this unidentified cosplayer (photographed by this Instagram user), who basically made the wall part of her outfit. It’s an awesome and creative way to showcase the young mutant’s powers.


Domino cosplay

Domino became even more popular with audiences after her appearance in Deadpool 2 (where she was played by Zazie Beetz). However, Domino has been relying on her unnatural luck through Marvel comics since 1992. She has become a favorite character among fans for her unconventional mutant power and overall coolness factor.

This Domino cosplay by Lara Lunardi captures all the right elements of Domino: the outfit, the white skin with black marking, and even the aloof attitude of someone who knows that no matter what happens, things will probably work out in her favor.


Pixie is not exactly an A-list member of the X-Men team, but she is definitely a memorable one. Pixie is a fairly new character to the stories, having been created in 2004, but her fairy-like wings and powers really struck a chord with readers and inspired at least one awesome cosplay.

This Pixie cosplay done by Rei-Doll and photographed by Kifir really show off the character in a great way. Not only is the suit totally accurate, but the hair and wings also add the perfect touch to an already amazing cosplay.


Rogue cosplay

Any kid who grew up in the ’90s probably watched at least a few episodes of the X-Men animated series (which, along with Power Rangers, had one of the greatest guitar riffs for its intros), which means they would easily recognize this version of Rogue.

This cosplay, by Ryoko-demon and photographed by Kifir, is exactly how anyone would remember Rogue. She might have been wearing the classic X-Men colorful spandex, but she topped it off with a cool leather jacket. She also sported the big hair which was reminiscent of the ’80s, but bled into the early ’90s.


X2: X-Men United brought one of the team’s most formidable villains to the screen inLady Deathstrike. Played by Kelly Hu, this version of Lady Deathstrike didn’t even have to speak to be completely menacing. Her cold and unfeeling attitude was matched perfectly by her fighting ability.

The look originated in the film is perfectly cosplayed here by Yaya Han. One small touch that this cosplayer really hit perfectly were the eyes, which were achieved through contact lenses to make them even more piercing and predatory.


Gambit cosplay

Everyone had a favorite X-Men team member growing up, and it seemed like if you were born at a certain time, then your favorite character was almost certainly Gambit. Gambit was designed to be cool and to appeal to audiences of the ’90s who wanted more extreme X-Men.

That doesn’t mean that Gambit is a terrible character, maybe just that he doesn’t have the same depth as some of the others. Nevertheless, he is still very cool, and so is this Gambit cosplay by Lanzara Sebastian.


Jubilee cosplay

Jubilee got a bit of a makeover when she was introduced to the X-Men film universe in X-Men: Apocalypse. Although she was given a slightly more ’80s aesthetic, there were a few elements that were still kept intact, mainly her yellow jacket (now much shorter) and her chunky jewellery.

This Jubilee cosplay, done by Nikita Kulina and photographed by Shinigami-X, clearly takes its inspiration from the film, and is pulled off perfectly. There is even an air of that teenage ’80s attitude emanating from the image. Overall, this is very well done.


Jean Grey cosplay

As one of the original X-Men, Jean Grey has been a central part of almost every X-Men story throughout the team’s history. She has been the central antagonist and protagonist of the “Dark Phoenix” storyline, and she has also demonstrated that she is possibly the strongest mutant in the world.

While she may not have ended up being perfect in the X-Men films, most people like to remember the Jean Grey of the comics and animated series. This cosplay by UncannyMegan, photographed by firecloak, captures Jean’s early ’90s look perfectly.

10. X-23

X-23 cosplay

Audiences were treated to the first film appearance of X-23 in the fantastic Logan, and hopefully it won’t be the last we see of the character. Created using Wolverine’s DNA, X-23 eventually became a member of the X-Men and even took over the Wolverine mantle for a time.

This X-23 cosplay, by Karen Kasumi and photographed by Rocazanova, captures the comic book appearance of the character, complete with dual claws on each hand. If there is any talk about continuing the X-Men films, it would be cool to see X-23 continue her father’s legacy.


Quicksilver cosplay

One of the most refreshing parts of the latest trilogy of X-Men films was the addition of a too cool for school Quicksilver. Sporting a silver jacket, goggles, and often a band T-shirt, this version of Quicksilver knew he was pretty awesome, and the sequences of his powers in each film were pitch perfect.

This cosplay captures that look perfectly, complete with the silver hair. Cosplayer smilesarebetter captures the very essence of this version of Quicksilver: the playfulness, the attitude, and the cocky smirk that so personifies a character who knows they can get away with anything.


Angel cosplay

Angel is another original member of the X-Men, and while he hasn’t always gotten a fair shake in any of the X-Men media, he is definitely an interesting and complex character. Obviously his most defining feature is his pair of giant, feathery wings sprouting from his back.

Cosplayer Daniel Echevarria Villaverde definitely went all out on his angel costume, seen here in a photograph by Jonathan Durán. He even went as far as to go with one of Angel’s original suits, complete with a halo on the chest (as if the wings weren’t enough).


Polaris cosplay

Polaris is yet another classic X-Men character, with mutant abilities that are almost exactly the same as Magneto’s. This led to a storyline where Magneto claimed to be her father, although it was later revealed that this Magneto was just an android.

She may not be an entirely popular choice to cosplay, but Polaris is probably going to become more popular due to her inclusion in the show The Gifted. We might end up seeing more cosplays like this one, done by CheekerCosplay (photograph by FirstPerson Shooter).


Scarlet Witch cosplay

Scarlet Witch is yet another original X-Men character who has found her way into the popular discourse (although, strangely, this is due to her inclusion in the MCU rather than the X-Men cinematic universe). Either way, she is a popular and powerful mutant.

This Scarlet Witch cosplay by KellyJane appears to be going for a more modern look on the classic mutant. While it still retains the bright red tights and ankh jewellery, it also features a trench coat (which is not entirely different from the MCU Scarlet witch) and short hair.


Magneto has been appearing in X-Men comics ever since the beginning, and as such he has gone through a number of wardrobe changes. He has also appeared in every X-Men film, meaning there are a lot of different styles to choose from if cosplaying as the classic character.

This Magneto cosplay by Benny2191, photographed by MCM Buzz, draws from Magneto’s look at the end of X-Men: First Class. This look is great because it really shows Magneto at his most conflicted: stuck between the yellow and blue of the X-Men, and the famous helmet that made him the leader of the Brotherhood of Mutants.


Deadpool cosplay

Looking at this photo, it’s possible you might think this is a behind the scenes or promotional image from one of the Deadpool films, but it is in fact neither of those things. This is a cosplay done by Instagram user leftcoastavenger (photographed by fellow Instagram user reckoner42).

The amount of detail, work, and effort that went into this cosplay is astounding. This is essentially movie level stuff, and it’s being done for a convention. This is the kind of cosplay you want to see when you go to one of these things.


Juggernaut cosplay

While he is technically not a mutant, and definitely not an X-Man, the Juggernaut is a character that has been embedded in the pop culture canon. From reminding people who he is, to charging through walls and tearing Deadpool in half, Juggernaut is as indelible to the X-Men mythos as Professor X and Wolverine.

Here, a stalwart (and unfortunately unidentified) cosplayer has encased himself in what looks like paper mache in order to capture the huge, bulking look of Juggernaut. It’s an amazing costume that is well executed and cartoon accurate, photogrpahed by Kordite.


Sentinel cosplay

Well, you can’t have a list of X-Men cosplays without bringing up one of their biggest foes: the Sentinels. These giant robots, created by Bolivar Trask, were built to combat mutants, and as seen in X-Men: Days of future Past, they can get pretty strong if they continue to advance.

This cosplay (done by an unidentified cosplayer and photographed by Ethan Trewhitt) is a perfect approximation of the classic Sentinel look, complete with the robotic face and glowing hand and chest lights. Any X-Men cosplayers may want to watch out for this person.


Bishop and Cable cosplay

This cosplay of Bishop and Cable (by Alexander Nyx and James T. Wulfgar, respectively, photo by Ming H. Photography) is a great team-up. Both of the heroes from the far future have a weathered and older look to them, which fits in nicely with both of the characters.

What’s really impressive is how Wulfgar managed to get his Cable costume so bulky. It really fits in with Rob Liefield’s original artwork. That’s not even mentioning the giant gun. Overall, this pair of cosplays is pretty incredible.

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