Woman had $15000 'mommy makeover' surgery after cancer left her sterile at 25

A woman had a $15,000 plastic surgery ‘mommy makeover’ to make herself feel more feminine after cancer left her sterile at the age of 25.

Melissa Lynn, 35, spent $10,500 boosting her breasts from a 34A to 30F after treatment for uterine and cervical cancer, including a hysterectomy, left her looking ‘like a boy’.

Lynn, who also had $2,500 of liposuction on her legs, was told by a doctor that she may have contracted the disease after having her first child at 18, when her uterus was ‘underripe.’

Melissa Lynn shows off her newly-boosted boobs. She had cosmetic surgery to restore her figure after a hysterectomy at 25 deflated her boobs and left her feeling less feminine (Picture: Melissa Lynn/Metro.co.uk)

Before being diagnosed with cervical and uterine cancer aged just 19, Lynn had a 34C bust – but during cancer treatment it subsequently shrunk to the point where she could no longer fit in a 34A bra (Picture: Melissa Lynn/Metro.co.uk)

The nurse, from Des Moines, Iowa, Metro US: ‘My breast tissue pretty much diminished.


‘I went from a 34C to, I couldnt even fit into an A. Imagine being 25 and not having a uterus, which makes you a woman, and then losing all of your breasts as well.

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Lynn was first diagnosed with cancer at 19, and underwent specialist treatments called a cone biopsy LEEP treatment in a bid to remove the cancer, only for the disease to repeatedly return.

She said: ‘I had a baby at 18 and that is why they think i got the cancer… my physician thought it was potentially from having my baby too young and it changed the cells in my cervix.’

Lynn had another baby at 21 – and was then told by doctors she would be unable to have any more children.

Lynn spent $2,500 to have liposuction on her thighs – but said the recovery was agonizing, and not worth the small improvement to her figure (Picture: Melissa Lynn/Metro.co.uk)

She continued: ‘It was like, at that point, I thought i might as well have a hysterectomy… I refused all the hormone replacements.

‘I tried (them) for a little bit, they made me feel horrible. I think that’s partly to blame for causing all my breast tissue to leave.’

The mother said she was initially excited about the positive aspects of losing her womb – but now thinks she was naive, and feels that cosmetic surgery has helped her move on from ‘losing the thing that makes you a woman.’


Lynn, who has been cancer-free since 2010, explained: ‘At the time I was just like, “Oh my God it’s so awesome that I’m never going to have to have a period again.

‘And I was so young.

‘I didn’t process it like a normal person would. I’m more upset about it now.

Lynn also spent $2,500 on liposuction to remove a small area of fat from her thigh – but described the treatment as agonizing, and said the results were not worth the pain (Picture: Melissa Lynn/Metro.co.uk)

‘The biggest thing I was worried about at 25 was that I may never have an orgasm again.’

Lynn’s orgasm fear was unfounded, but she now mourns her inability to have more children.

She explained: ‘I’m more upset now knowing that I can’t have a baby.

‘Not to an extreme sense that I’m depressed.

‘Its just that, had i known now what i knew then, I may have tried a couple of other options before saying sure, go ahead, and make me completely not have the ability to have children.

‘Medical advances could have happened.’

Lynn pictured after her liposuction procedure, which left her unable to sit down for almost two weeks (Picture: Melissa Lynn/Metro.co.uk)

She finally plucked up the courage to have breast surgery last Autumn, after a decade of living with a chest that ‘looked like it belonged to a boy.’

Lynn has since undergone two revisions after one of her implants slipped. She insists she is delighted with her boobs, although says the pain of recovering from liposuction was not worth the minor improvement to her figure.


And she revealed that her husband, Alex, struggled with her new figure for months.

Lynn explained: ‘This completely flipped my husband out at first.

‘I don’t think anyone thinks about this – they think ‘Oh my husband is going to love my big boobs’

‘When I first got them and he did touch them he told me he felt like he was cheating on me, and it was someone else’s body. It was really hard for him to adjust.

‘No one thinks about the man.

‘They’re not real boobs. They’re never going to be real. They’re harder, they sit up higher. People who say ‘Oh I cant tell if her boobs are real or fake are insane.’

Lynn says her husband eventually adjusted to her new figure after around four months – and that she has no regrets about her cosmetic surgery.

She said: ‘My husband never cared. He told me I was beautiful, he loved me, but just the way it feels to be touched now that I have them is very significant also.

‘I feel more confident with myself.

‘Feeling my husband touch me now feels so much better knowing that I have breasts.

‘I enjoy him touching me, whereas before I was in my own head about not having any.’

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