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I’m not rich and I’m not famous, but, after 25 years of being a professional travel writer,  I have a boatload of great travel tips, which I can happily share with you. These items take the “travail” out of travel. They include Oscillococcinum — the best-selling over-the-counter cough-cold-flu remedy in France (which you can purchase at your local drugstore). Sunsweet cherry-essence prunes. A silk pillowcase. And a great pair of eye shades.

Never leave home without  Oscillo, the best-selling flu-cold remedy sold over-the-counter in France. It’s a lifesaver — and a trip-saver.Boiron USA

Plus, PBfit fat-free powdered peanut butter. This divine little delicacy has saved my life so many times. Just add water, and you have instant PB — without any of the fat (and guilt). I make sandwiches with it, or eat it on crackers, or, when I’m at home, include it in smoothies for more protein. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve put it into a cup in my hotel bathroom, added some water, and made an instant snack (I always pack my own spoon.) It’s a power-packed treat — and especially good before I visit the hotel gym.  There’s even PBfit version made with — OMG, chocolate! —  so you can feel like you’re eating Nutella, but instead, your thighs will thank you.

PBfit is an instant powdered peanut butter, with no guilt, so you can say Sayonara to Skippy (and calories).Better Body Foods

That said, I am pretty much obsessed with what the rich and famous do to make themselves more comfortable when they travel. Much of this information I recorded in my book, The Globetrotter’s Get-Gorgeous Guide, which is the world’s first beauty book for traveling women. Men, don’t despair. Many of these great ideas are pertinent to you too.

One of my favorite tips came from Georgette Mosbacher, when she was CEO of Borghese. (She is currently the U. S. Ambassador to Poland). She told me that she constantly uses plastic bags to hold everything in her suitcase, and always travels with just one pair of custommade black-velvet Shipton and Heneage slippers made in London. She told me, “I have these custommade for me, with my initials in gold on the front. I literally wear them with everything, year-round…..they’re great with everything from jeans to a silk dress.”  (The company also makes exquisite shoes and velvet slippers for men.) Also, Ms. Mosbacher always travels on planes with a baby comforter, and pillow, which she has had custom-covered in specialty linens of the finest Egyptian cotton. “Then I roll them up and put the in a canvas tote bag. People always ask me where I got them.”

Cheryl Burke of Dancing With The Stars told Shape Magazine that when she’s on the tour bus, she stocks up at the supermarket, with a list that includes salad, nonfat vanilla yogurt, lowfat granola, and organic microwaveable soup. One the road she munches on Triscuits, peanut and butter and cut-up vegetables, plus a South Beach protein bar.

Cindy Crawford has so wanted to be comfortable when flying that she just worked on developing three pairs of shoes that are a must-have for every traveler. The Jet Set is the brainchild of designer Sarah Flint, and Cindy is her advisor and mentor. The two women bonded over their frequent travels, which is what inspired their capsule collection togetherConsisting of a flat, heeled sandal, and combat boot, The Jet Set has the only three shoes you’ll need to pack when traveling the globe and they are handcrafted in Italy by expert cobblers. Travel Combat Boot, $695, Travel Sandal, $425, Travel Flat, $375  Try making them your sole mates – they will undoubtedly make your packing easier.

The only three pairs of shoes you need when traveling, thanks to Cindy Crawford and designer Sarah Flint.Sarah Flint

Supermodel Claudia Schiffer told InStyle that she always travels with brown-rice crackers and dry miso soup. Just add a cup of hot water and she says you get an instant energy boost.

Travel maven Samantha Brown — whose beautiful designer luggage is sold on QVC — swears by one thing: A jar of peanut butter. She told me, “I always travel with peanut butter, especially in Europe. In desperate times you can just stick your finger in the jar. It has frequently come to my rescue.” She also told me, “I don’t get jet lag. I’ve tried everything but here’s what works for me. Two days before I leave I abstain from caffeine. Then, at my destination, I do a double-shot of espresso. My body absorbs it like gangbusters.”

Lastly, probably the best thing you can do to assure your wellness when traveling, is to simply fly in your own private jet. As Oprah once told US Weekly, “Anyone who tells you that having your own private jet isn’t great is lying to you.”

In fact, my husband Bill feels the same way. If he won the lottery, he has told me that he wouldn’t spend it on fancy cars, designer clothing, or expensive watches. He’d get his own Gulfstream — and completely obviate TSA and cramped seats. To him (and to me), a lie-flat bed is the only way to go. Especially “across the pond.”

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