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There is no perfect relationship in our world. All couples have experienced difficulties sometimes and it’s normal. Some of them are taking a break in a relationship to be in a clear mind and understand what they actually need in their life. In some situations it can be really dangerous. A lot of failed relationships went this way. When you feel that your relationship is falling apart, it’s time to find the right way to save it.

First steps when a relationship struggles

1)      Try to find the moment when everything went wrong.

Think about when the problem started  and then discuss it with your partner. You should find together with your partner all the problems which are harming your relationship.

2)      Decide what to do after detecting the problems.

So, when you have figured out the problem, you can fix it only if both of you really want to change the situation.

3)      So, if you choose to continue relationship with this person, you should be patient, it`s not so easy and takes some time. It would be really good for your relationship if you try to remind yourselves why you fell in love in the first place.

4)      Bring something new and refresh the feelings between each other.

Find one day in your weekly schedule, which you can spend only with each other and so that no one bothers you.

Create intimacy, intimacy means not only physical, but also emotional attachment. Choose a time to tell your partner about your mental and physical needs. Try something new together. Break the routine, invent something new together.

5)      Spend time away from each other.

Just as much as you have to spend a lot of time together, spend some time separate too. Give yourselves time to miss each other.

6)      Don’t be afraid to tell them what they need to fix.

Tell your partner what you need him to do in order for you to be happy. He should know a few things which he does that hurt you.


What to do if someone breaks up with you?

That`s the hardest feeling, when someone, suddenly decides to break up with you.

If breaking up it`s too painful for you, it is better not to talk to ex after a breakup and not contact him. In a few months you will be over it, become stronger, and the friendship between you and your ex will be more possible then. Then you can try to find your love on online dating site or somewhere else.

Most relationships can be saved, it´s difficult to believe but it is possible. One important thing you must do is to find out the real causes for the break up. You can learn this by looking at the past and see the mistakes that were made and discover what could have been different.

I hope you are on the right path to saving your relationship with your soul mate!

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